Choose the model that work for your fleet

Choosing a finance model for your business has never been easier. At ScootHero, we have developed a model specifically for B2B and B2B2C companies.

Lease Model

Our Lease Model allows fleet owners to have a seamless transition to EV plus the added benefits

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ScootHero’s Lease Model allows Fleet Owners to enjoy the profits of an administered fleet with none of the paperwork. 

With our Lease Model, we offer you the opportunity to access electric vehicles on a fixed-term basis. This allows you to transition your petrol or diesel fleet without incurring the high purchasing costs associated with electric vehicles or the infrastructure required for battery swaps.

Through our leasing program, you can conveniently lease the vehicles for a mutually agreed upon timeframe, with monthly billing. This model not only provides flexibility but also includes comprehensive support for fleet managers. Our support encompasses various aspects.

Choose our Lease Model and unlock a host of benefits and support that will revolutionize your fleet management journey.

Licence and registration

We assist you with the necessary licensing and registration processes, ensuring compliance and peace of mind.

Annual licence renewals

We take care of the annual licence renewals, saving you time and effort.

Scheduled maintenance checks

Our model covers scheduled maintenance checks, ensuring that your leased vehicles are in optimal condition.

Fines management

We handle fines management, helping you navigate any potential issues and reducing administrative burdens.

Reporting and driver analytics

Our model covers scheduled maintenance checks, ensuring that your leased vehicles are in optimal condition.


In addition to these essential services, our Lease Model offers value-added benefits known as HeroCare. HeroCare goes the extra mile, providing additional advantages and support to enhance your leasing experience.

Subscription model

Our subscription model is exclusively available to Food and Grocery Platforms top-tier Drivers. This unique offering enables Drivers to transition to electric vehicles with dedicated guidance and support from our team.

As a Food and Grocery Platform, you can benefit from the seamless driving experience that our subscription model provides, leading to reduced downtime for your Drivers. Additionally, our model offers several advantages.

By choosing our subscription model, you unlock a new and enhanced driving experience for your Drivers, along with valuable added benefits.


The model for Grocery and Platforms

Book a service

Drivers can easily schedule vehicle maintenance services, ensuring their electric vehicles remain in optimal condition.

Request a battery swap

Our model includes the convenience of requesting battery swaps when needed, eliminating any concerns about range anxiety.

Driver earning advances

We offer driver earning advances, providing financial support and stability to Drivers as they navigate their daily operations.

Job search and access

Our subscription model grants Drivers access to job search platforms, helping them expand their opportunities within the industry.

24-hour driver contact centre

 We have a dedicated Driver contact center available 24/7 to address any queries or concerns Drivers may have, ensuring prompt assistance and support.

Join us and embark on a journey towards sustainable and efficient fleet operations.

Partner with the team that understands your business in the unique, rapidly growing South African last-mile delivery market

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