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Recognising the relentless struggles faced by fleet owners and last-mile delivery drivers alike, we introduce the power of electric vehicles as a safe and sustainable solution

Fueling fleet success

In an unpredictable, unregulated and volatile industry, fleet owners across South-Africa face continual pressures to optimise routes, maintain vehicles and ensure the safety of drivers, vehicles and cargo alike for the purpose of securing a positive return on investment.

Without careful management, increased fuel and maintenance costs, amounting traffic fines, costs associated with roadside assistance, breakdowns and accidents can quickly eat away predicted profits.

With our industry expertise, comprehensive solutions, and unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service, ScootHero provides a holistic solution to alleviate the burdens that come with a petrol fleet.

Driving toward a brighter future

Delivery drivers, like fleet owners, navigate daily struggles to make ends meet. Fighting against the soaring costs of fuel, vehicle rentals, fuel, data and related living costs.

Drivers work long hours and often substitute acceptable vehicle maintenance for sustenance, creating an unsafe and unsustainable work environment.

At our core, we are a true South African company with a genuine desire for positive change. With the introduction of reliable electric-vehicle solutions, we aim to empower last-mile delivery drivers to overcome daily obstacles and shape a brighter future.


Delivery driver accident statistics

Hein Jonker of the Motorcycle Safety Institute said accidents involving food delivery drivers rose 30% nationwide to 109 in May and June 2020 compared to 84 during those months in 2019

Life changing solutions for fleet owners and drivers alike

Our vision

Providing holistic and sustainable energy solutions for the South African delivery market

Our mission

  • Connecting drivers to a cost effective and reliable electric vehicle and battery framework
  • Supporting fleet owners with holistic management and maintenance solutions
  • Providing carbon emission savings support for organisations

100,000 by 2027

We are already on our way to reaching our goal of providing more sustainable vehicles to 100,000 last-mile delivery drivers by 2027


Successful electric vehicle transitions to date

The evolution of ScootHero

With a deep understanding of the struggles faced by last-mile delivery drivers, and first hand experience of the fleet managers’ role, we strive to continually build and improve the last-mile delivery industry and streamline related services

Remember that first day when I get home, at night I was checking the bike so I soon thought there was something wrong I consulted you n you responded to the situation so quickly and then problem was solved



It’s only been a couple of weeks that i have been with ScootHero. So far I haven’t had any problems with their service. Their Service is good as I can get hold of them anytime. The communication is excellent which is what put me at ease with them. With the good communication I know when ever I have a problem with my scooter they will always be there to help. Thanks.


Delivery Driver

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The ScootHero Team

Meet the key team members that is changing the face of last-mile delivery in South Africa

Wahlied Cole

Chief Executive Officer

Gary Murphy

Head of Operations

Dewald Van Wyk

Business Development Executive

Jenine Singh

Marketing Manager

Trevor Paradzai

Financial Administrator

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