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See if you qualify for this exclusive offer from MrD, and start saving on your weekly costs

Potential weekly saving

Save up to R450

T&C's apply

Switch to electric with MrD

Rent an electric scooter for only R850 per week subscription, and enjoy:

Free assistance with HeroCare
  • Free 24-hour roadside assistance
  • Free towing and *driver transport
  • Free maintenance checks and *services
  • Free access to tracking and armed response

T&C’s apply. View HeroCare benefits for more detail.

Access to HeroCharge
  • Drive 100km for only R60 per battery swap.
  • Battery stations available at central locations.

View HeroCharge benefits for more detail.

weekly rental

R 850

T&C's apply

Did you know?

An electric bike lasts twice as long as a petrol bike?

Estimated lifespan, in km, of  the E2 Max compared to the leading petrol vehicle.


Do you qualify?

In partnership with MrD, we offer an exclusive opportunity to upgrade to one of our tried and tested electric scooters.

To qualify for this incredible saving, the following criteria must be met:

Start saving in 4 easy steps

Our team of experts will process your application in 4 seamless steps getting you from verification to saving in no time. 

Step 1: Verify

Click to 'Get started' and complete the verification form as prompted, to see if you qualify.

Step 2: Apply

If your verification is successful, you will receive link to complete a full application.

Step 3: Review

Our vetting team will review the application and provide feedback in 3 working days.

Step 4: Train & collect

You will receive notification of when you can pick-up your bike and attend training.

Upgrade to electric

As a premium MrD driver, you will be given the option to rent an electric scooter, suitable for your area of operation.

ScootHero_City Buzz 2

City Buzz 2

Per week


  • 120km range
  • 80km/h top speed
  • 2-3 hours charge
Learn more
Cape Town

E2 Max

Per week


  • 120km range
  • 90km/h top speed
  • 2-4 hours charge
Learn more

Go electric and save!

Electric vehicles are durable and easy to maintain, plus with ScootHero’s charging network, fuel costs are reduced considerably.

Calculate your potential savings

Did you know?

Did you know, by going electric you can save up to 63% on fuel and maintenance alone

Annual cost of fuel for the E2 Max compared to the leading petrol vehicle, in Rands.

Annual cost of maintenance for the E2 Max compared to the leading petrol vehicle, in Rands.

We care about you

Your safety and wellbeing when traveling should never supersede your need to provide and make ends meet.

This is why ScootHero is providing extended services through HeroCare and HeroCharge, to take care of you and your vehicle whilst on the road.


HeroCare provides comprehensive care and support to you while you are on the road.

Support services include

- Comprehensive insurance
- Roadside assistance
- Towing and storage
- Armed response
- Medical response
- Tracking and recovery
- Full maintenance


HeroCharge connects you to our charging infrastructure, enabling you to easily swap out batteries within our network

Charging costs

- R58 per battery swap
- 100 km per swap
+/- R0.58 per km (ev) vs fuel R1.10 per km

Go green, and save.

Partner with the team that understands your needs in the unique, rapidly growing South African last-mile delivery market

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